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The exterior of your property speaks volumes to potential customers and business associates. No matter how good your products or services may be, a dirty business exterior hurts credibility. Complete Power Washing has the knowledge, experience and equipment to keep your business clean and attractive.  Our special power cleaning methods ensure your business is cleaned without damage.  Our St. Louis power washing company using professional grade equipment and has the experience to get the job down right. Call Complete Power Washing today for a Free Power Washing Estimate.

A few of the properties we service:

Restaurant Pressure Washing St. Louis

Restaurant cleaning is a specialty of Complete Power Washing.  A clean restaurant is the key to a successful business.  The cleanliness of your restaurant is a matter of customers or no customers.  An attractive ambiance is paramount to the success of your business. Complete Power Washing has the experience to pressure wash your restaurant and it will make a difference in your business.  We can work outside of your business hours at any hour you prefer.  We will leave your establishment spotless, fresh, and ready for business the next day.

Drive thru cleaning is a must!  Your customers will rate you on how clean your business is.  Drive thrus are the most heavily trafficked area and the dirtiest.  Most drive thrus exist at fast food establishments. Fast food restaurants are what made the drive thru famous. The impression your customers get when seeing the cleanliness of your drive-thru area is very important.  So important it may mean purchasing or not purchasing.

We have a low-cost method of treating grime, oil stains, fuel stains, tire marks, graffiti, and more often associated with a drive-thru.  No need to look to expensive projects to revitalize your exterior surfaces.  Complete Power Washing is your answer to your drive thru needs.   We have a highly trained crew that can get your drive-thru a new look at a low cost.

HOA/Property Management

St Louis HOA home owners association members agree to certain standards regarding appearance of homes and properties. As a result, many HOAs in the St. Louis area are benefiting from hiring professional pressure washers. Complete Power Washing will professionally clean both private and common areas within your community. This includes buildings, sidewalks, parking areas, entry ways and more. Are you looking for a professional Homeowners Association power washing company to maintain your community areas, buildings, sidewalks, and public parking areas? You need a St. Louis pressure washing company you can trust to maintain and enhance the beauty of  for your community, thereby maintaining and increasing your property values.

Complete Power Washing of St. Louis is a great choice homeowners associations and members that value cleanliness and appearance of their community residences.

HOA/Property Management loves to keep their residents happy.  It’s actually great for your business.  This is why Complete Power Washing is here.  We have the experience and equipment to keep communities clean and nice. We can pressure wash an entire neighborhood’s sidewalks, curbs, and signage.  Plus every home’s exterior and driveway.  No job is too big for us!   We are ready for the project and will provide 1st class work at a low cost.

Parking Lot/Garage Cleaning

Parking lot/garage cleaning takes a specified amount of skill and patience.  The Oil, dirt and other contaminants build up on parking lots and garages over time, creating health and safety hazards, as well as damaging your concrete, leading to costly repairs. Our surface cleaners will keep your concrete nice and bright for a long period of time. Let Complete Power Washing keep your parking lots and garages clean, safe and well maintained. No parking lost or garage is too big for us.  We can work around your peak hour times to ensure thorough treatment.

Storefront Cleaning

Storefront cleaning is the very existence of your business.  Without a clean storefront, your business would not exist.  Who wants to buy from a dirty business?  I will tell you, not many.   First impressions are everything.  The exterior is the first impression to your customers.  Since it’s the first thing a customer sees when they arrive at your business, why would you want a dirty impression?  If your business is dirty it will drive away potential customers.  Complete Power Washing storefront pressure washing is one of the most important services a business can utilize.   You want to make your location appear clean and professional.  From your building as a whole, to your concrete sidewalks, we are dedicated to your storefront being clean.

We use steam pressure washers and state of the art equipment to make your storefront shine and attract potential customers. Our highly trained staff is capable of working with buildings of all sizes.   We focus on pressure washing the business to make them look brand new again. A clean storefront will completely change the way your business functions.  Keeping your business clean and tidy is not only great for your business but also for the neighborhood for which you do business.  Let Complete Power Washing take care of all of your Commercial Storefront Cleaning needs today.

Investment Properties

Investment Properties are the key to a successful lifestyle and your goal is top dollar.   Selling a dirty home will not provide you with a top dollar sale.  Custom Power Washing specializes in helping you clean the entire exterior of your newest investment.  We specialize in siding, driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other exteriors of you investment property. We have the capability to pressure clean without the need for onsite water.  We can help you begin the restoration on day one.  Cleaning the exterior is the first process of getting it move-in ready as soon as possible.  As you know foreclosed homes are some of the most neglected properties.  You can be assured our professional team will remove the gunk, dirt, and grime which will make it look new again.  Let Complete Power Washing take care of all of your Investment Property Cleaning needs today.