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Deck Cleaning

Deck pressure washing is a great way to ensure a tidy extension of your St. Louis home and living space.  St. Louis weather can make your deck look utterly disgusting with dirt, mold, and mildew.  Don’t worry, Complete Power Washing is here for you.

As the weather warms, there’s no better place for family and friends to gather than on your deck. Rain and snow gather on your deck creating dirt, algae, and other contaminants that continue to sit on the surface which means you need to take the steps to remove them.  We usually find a deck is the dirtiest part of the exterior of your home.

Deck Pressure Washing St. Louis

Our professional deck pressure wash is ideal for both wood and vinyl surfaces alike. An inexperienced pressure washer can actually cause harm to your deck if the wrong pressure level or chemicals are used. Therefore, we use a safe, appropriate pressure depending on your deck’s surface. In addition, we add acleanser to help remove algae and mold.  A Complete Power Washed Deck gets your outdoor entertaining area looking great.

Complete Power Deck Restoration

The Value Of Clean

The value of staying clean in the eyes of family, friends, or buyers.   Your property value will stay intact or increase as you property ages.  Keeping your home including your deck is part of the value of staying clean.  It also provides value to the community as well.

deck pressure wash St. Louis

At Complete Power Washing STL, we do not remove oxidation in our power washing cleanings. If you have more questions about why, please connect with us directly and we are more than happy to discuss it with you! Book your commercial or residential power washing cleaning services today

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