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fence pressure washing St. LouisFence pressure washing is an important step to increasing the curb appeal of your St. Louis home or business. Your fence is the only exterior surface that will be seen from the front, back, top, and bottom of your St. Louis property.   Keeping your fence clean can be a difficult and daunting task. The condition of your fence will play a factor in your home’s value, depending on the overall condition and cleanliness.

At Complete Power Washing our experienced St. Louis team mixes the perfect wash to take care of the grime that everyone can see.  Regardless the material, vinyl or wood, our team can do the job extremely well.  Using a a biodegradable, environmentally safe cleanser to remove contaminants, our custom Complete Fence Wash can restore your fence and make it look new again.

St. Louis Fence Pressure Washing

Many businesses or St. Louis restaurants have fenced in patio or outdoor dining areas. Pressure washing your fence or seating area is a great way to spruce up the area that your customers spend time. In addition, this can serve has an unobtrusive advertisement showcasing your professionalism, cleanliness, and attention to deal.

Fence Cleaning is a delight!  Restoring the fence from the green or black gunk is a sight to see.  A white fence is usually the first thing a visitor sees at your home.  Fences accumulate mold, mildew and other contaminants more than any other surface on your property.  Especially a white fence the dirt will speak loudly to everyone.  This means it’s time to clean the dirt and getting it back to looking new again.

At Complete Power Washing STL, we do not remove oxidation in our power washing cleanings. If you have more questions about why, please connect with us directly and we are more than happy to discuss it with you! Book your commercial or residential power washing services today

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