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House Pressure Washing

Your homes exterior priority is staying clean by using a house pressure washing professional.  We help to maintain the property value and the look of the community.  Hiring a professional at Complete Power Washing will provide the care your home is wanting.

We use top of the line equipment to perform our power washing services.  Our cleaning methods remove mold, mildew, rust and other contaminants that will not damage your home but rather keep your home looking great.

Keep Your Property in Excellent Condition

Your homes value enriches the community and your pocket book.  Cleaning your home provides this enrichment and provides long term wealth for all who’s close by.   We provide excellent power washing services.  Our goal is to provide excellent cleaning services for our clients and their communities.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We go out of our way so you’re completely satisfied.  We stand behind our work 100%.  Our clients have recommended us to neighbors, friends and relatives.  If you’re in need of pressure washing insured and licensed professionals, Complete Power Washing is here to serve you and all of your power washing needs.

At Complete Power Washing STL, we do not remove oxidation in our power washing cleanings. If you have more questions about why, please connect with us directly and we are more than happy to discuss it with you! Book your commercial or residential power washing cleaning services today

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